How hotel locks are used?

Hotel Locks are very easy to use after installation at the property. Hotel locks provided by TES Brand can be operated by Cards or Key both.

What are the benefits of Hotel locks?

     Hotel Locks are specially designed along with Hotel Lock Management Software.

  • Easy Maintenance of property
  • Helps in staff monitoring
  • Helps in Easy auditing of Hotel Locks Usages
  • Fast check-in or reservations can be made.
  • If cards are lost more cards can be issued by deleting old cards
  • Easy extension of room booking facility available

And much more…..

What is the minimum thickness of the door required for Hotel Lock installation?

Thickness of Door is recommended 35mm minimum. TES Brand Hotel locks are installed at the thickness of 30 mm to 32 mm also. Very strong grip of lock within itself.

What is Energy Saving Switch?

Energy Saving Switch is device working along with RFID Hotel lock card. It switches off all the items in the hotel room when not in use after the guest leaves the room. It can take up-to 30amp of load, which is enough to manage A.C geyser etc. in a single room.

What type of battery is required to operate Hotel Locks?

Four Alkaline battery cell are required

How warranty and other support will be provided?

Life time software support is available online and telephonically. Training can be taken any time with prior appointment via net.

What are the difference between normal RFID card and Hotel lock card?

Hotel card are encrypted card with security algorithm while normal RFID card are not successful in Hotel Locks.

What remains the cost of software?

Software is free of Cost.

How many number of cards can be issued?

Any number of cards without restrictions can be issued of purchased from our company (no restriction)

What will be the life of battery in regular usages?

Battery life remains up-to 6 months on full usages. On less usage battery remains active up-to 9 months. Hotel locks creates alarm when the battery is about to die.

Are all the spare parts of Hotel locks available?

All the spare parts of Hotel Locks are available with our company.

What is the life of the Hotel Locks after installation?

Hotel locks of TES Brand life remains about 10 to 12 years or more.

Who installs the Hotel locks after locks are purchased?

Installation is done by third party team which will charge the client separately.

What is EAS system and where it is used?

EAS system stands for Electronic Article Surveillance System. It is a device placed the door of the Retails Shops, malls, mega-marts etc which detects the RF tags on articles, if material is not billed.

How many types of EAS system are available?

There are 2 types of EAS system:

  1. RF
  2. AM

How many types of tags are available for EAS system?

There are many types of tags available:

  1. Hard Tags- Mini Square Tags
  2. Soft Label
  3. Pencil Tags
  4. Lanyard with Hard Tags

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